Melbourne, AUS -- January 20, 2020
Roger's 2020 season started on a positive note as he took the court in Melbourne for his first round match. The Swiss star looked near flawless on Monday as he faced American, Steve Johnson.

The 6-time Australian Open Champion showed no nerves as he stepped out on court to take his 98th match win in Melbourne winning it 6-3, 6-2, 6-2. He walked away with 34 winners and 11 aces and wrapped up the victory in just 81 minutes.

“I think, for me, really, the first three rounds are key to get going, to get used to the pressure, stay calm, when to save break point or 30/30 points… or just to stay calm if you're down a set and a break or whatever it might be. This is sort of the unknown that can be a little bit scary at times. But today there was none of that, because I broke early each set and was able to get on a roll, play freely after that. And also, I felt I had margin. Anything I was doing I felt like I had the game under control. That might not be the case in the next round, so I just think I have to be careful. Round-by-round, point-for-point mentality. I know other guys that are playing extremely well right now so I think it's just important to stay very calm about things right now,” said Roger.
ESPN will bring fans closer than ever to Roger Federer with Roger Federer: Everywhere is Home on Tuesday, Dec. 17, at 8 p.m. ET and unprecedented access to the 38-year-all tennis legend during his recent five-exhibition tour of Latin America. Roger Federer: Everywhere is Home is a captivating portrait of a beloved global hero being embraced by adoring fans everywhere he goes, in a region where he had visited only once before.

ESPN's Tom Rinaldi hosts the half-hour show, travelling through Latin America with the superstar and his entourage, and conducting multiple interviews during the very intense week-long journey in November.

The show captures many memorable moments on and off the court during that week. A clear standout was the shattering of the record for largest attendance at a single tennis match in history, when 42,517 delirious fans watched Federer tangle in an immense bull fighting stadium in Mexico City with his sparring partner for each match on the trip, young German star Sascha Zverev. Other sold-out, thoroughly festive exhibitions were played in Chile, Argentina and Ecuador. Federer and his team even received a very direct taste of the political unrest currently troubling the region when a match in Bogota, Colombia was abruptly called off just as it was starting, due to a suddenly-imposed 8 p.m. government curfew designed to control brewing street riots.

Reflecting on the journey, Federer himself was enchanted and humbled by the experience, and the overwhelming reception he received everywhere he traveled. "It was an unbelievable and amazing trip, each step along the way as the fans expressed their love of the sport and appreciation for the experience," said the 20-time Grand Slam champion. "There were so many highlights, it was truly a magical adventure and a blast as well."

Rinaldi added, “Before this trip, I’d interviewed Federer dozens of times, but on this trip, in planes, locker rooms and hotel suites, and through police motorcades, my understanding of him was almost completely recast. The reach of his fame, the reserves of his energy, the connection he has with fans – and the reservoirs of good will he engenders – all were unlike anything I’d ever witnessed. More than once, fans wept seeing him. At the start of the tour, we asked him why he wanted to do this, at 38 years old and after a long, exhausting season. ‘Motivation,’ was the heart of his answer.

“At the end of the tour, after his fourth straight night with less than four hours sleep, having played his last two matches at altitudes above 7,000 and 9,000 feet, respectively, he was still the most energetic on his entire team. And more motivated than when he’d started.”

Roger Federer: Everywhere is Home was produced in collaboration with Team 8.
December 2, 2019

For the first time in its history, Swissmint is dedicating a Swiss commemorative coin to a living person: Roger Federer. As well as being probably Switzerland's most successful individual sportsman, he is also the perfect ambassador for Switzerland. That is reason enough for Swissmint to honour Roger Federer with a 20-franc silver coin. The date of issue is 23 January 2020, and the pre-sale (uncirculated quality) begins on 2 December 2019. This will be followed by the release of a "Roger Federer" gold coin in May 2020.

There is no other Swiss person in the world as well known as Roger Federer. One could almost lose count of his tennis records – he spent 237 consecutive weeks as world No. 1, holds the most grand slam men's singles titles (20), and has won 103 singles titles in total so far. These records and his versatile playing style make him probably the greatest tennis player of all time.

But Roger Federer is just as active off the court. In 2003, he set up a foundation to support financial aid projects for children. Moreover, in 2006 he was named as the first Swiss UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador. His sporting achievements, his charitable commitments, his easy-going nature and his accessibility to his fans have prompted Swissmint to dedicate this 20-franc silver coin to him – the first time it has done so with a living person. Moreover, in May 2020 it will be issuing a 50-franc "Roger Federer" gold coin featuring a different design.

First ever pre-sale

The "Roger Federer" silver coins are expected to attract a lot of interest from around the world, so Swissmint has decided to carry out its first ever pre-sale for a 20-franc silver commemorative coin in "uncirculated" quality. From 2 December 2019, the coins can be purchased in limited numbers and exclusively via Swissmint's webshop at The pre-sale ends on 19 December 2019 at the latest, or until the first minting run of 55,000 units has sold out, whichever is earlier. Dispatch of the "Roger Federer" silver coins will start on the issue date of 23 January 2020. If demand exceeds the first minting run, Swissmint reserves the right to produce a further 40,000 coins and issue them in May 2020.

Orders for the proof-quality coins and the folder for the "Roger Federer" issue will be accepted only as from the issue date of 23 January 2020.

Quality descriptions for silver coins

 Uncirculated: minted in normal machine production, presented in a blister pack.

Folder: uncirculated coin presented in a smart, colour illustrated card folder with additional pictures and information in four languages on the coin subject and the artist.

Proof: highest minting quality, individual production, the coin die is used only around 500 times, coin planchets are polished and surface-treated in an elaborate process. Coins are individually packed in coin capsules, and sold in a presentation case complete with numbered certificate of authenticity.

The Federal Mint Swissmint

The Federal Mint Swissmint produces the country's coins for use in everyday payment transactions. The Federal Mint also regularly issues commemorative coins and coinage of a higher standard for the numismatic market. Commemorative coins in bimetal, silver or gold bear an official, state-guaranteed, nominal value and are available in various minting qualities.

Roger is excited to announce hes joining the young Swiss sports brand On as an entrepreneur.

Roger will work with the On founders to help shape the future of the company. He is already using his experience to help the On team with product development, marketing and creating new experiences for fans.

A few years ago I started seeing On everywhere. Mirka had a pair of On shoes, then all my friends had them, so I tried them for myself a few years ago and became a fan. I run in the shoes for training, I wear them for travel, and they are really comfortable.

Switzerland is quite a small place and I got to know the founders of the company. Over time we became friends. We have shared passions for performance, design and fashion so we started talking about what we could do together.

This is not a sponsorship, Im really going to be working closely with the On team whenever my tennis schedule allows. They are great people, its a great product and Im happy to help them however I can.

Roger revealed the first new products he is working on with the team will be released in 2020.

To learn more about Rogers new role with On, check out the report in the New York Times and visit or shop ON here.